Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 6: Math, Trig Exam & New Unit, Numbers and Exponents

This week we are: Completing the 1st Chapter Test
This week we are: Introducing the next unit on Numbers and Exponents
I will: be assessed on my understanding of Chapter 1
I will: review number sets and the classification of numbers
I will: Learn about Prime numbers, GCF, LCM
I can: do awesome on my Chapter test!
I can: explain the differences between, real, whole, irrational, rationa, interger and natural numbers
I can: define prime numbers
I can: define and calculate both GCF and LCM

1.  Review and study period for Math exam tomorrow.
2.  Learning log meetings with students.

1. Chapter Exam.

1.  Go over Chapter Exam
2.  Lesson 1 for Chapter 2.  Watch video on Number sets.
3.  Review the value of numbers and number lines.
4.  Assign HW (Example 4)

1.   Go over HW.
3.  GCF (divide by/factor tree) LCM (Factor Tree )
4.  Here are the video lessons on the HW
5.   Assign HW for Thanksgiving (examples 1-3)

1.  PLC


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