Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 2 Solubility Charts

Today we are:  learning how to read a solubility chart
I will: complete the solubility questionnaire
I will: learn the terms unsaturated, saturated, supersaturated
I will:  identify these terms on a solubility chart
I can: identify unsaturated, saturated, supersaturated on a solubility chart
I can: use the labels on the chart to answer solubility questions

1.  Lets see if we can understand how to read this chart and define unsaturated, saturated and supersaturated.

Watch these videos Please or at least the first one.  If you think you understand it, then complete the questionnaire.

1.  Solubility Curves
2.  A good review before the discussion on Solubility Curves
3.  This is much longer, but provides several good examples

2.  Complete the questionnaire.


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