Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 2 Solutions

Today we are:  learning about solutions
I will: learn the terminology for solutions
I will: provide examples of different solutions.
I can: define solute and solvent
I can: provide examples of solutions in 2 different states
I can: provide at least one way to speed up the making of a solution.

1.  Let review from the last questionnaire on Classification of Matter.

2..  Lets watch some videos to explain solutions

- this one will quickly explain what a solution is.
- this one is more in depth
- this one talks about suspensions, colloids and solutions
- this one is long, very in depth, but GOOD!

2.  Let's now talk about solutions as a class.

3.  Now we need to make some new notes on Solutions.
     They must define solute and solvent.
     They must have 2 examples and different states of matter (a solid solution, a gaseous solution, etc.)
     They must explain 2 ways to speed up the making of a solution.

3.  Now we will review for the lab tomorrow.


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