Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 9: Math Exam and Polynomials

This week we are: Working on our understanding of numbers and their prime factors
This week we are: Looking more in depth on radicals, squares and cubes.
I will: define numbers as prime factors, LCM and GCF.
I will: review number sets and the classification of numbers
I will: Learn about Prime numbers, GCF, LCM
I can: define and calculate both GCF and LCM
I can: define the parts of a radical
I can: solve perfect squares and perfect cubes
I can: move back and forth between radicals and mixed radicals

1.  Review on Exponent Laws II

1.  Double Review!
2.  Period 1 we will review GCF, LCM and Factoring
3.  Period 2 we will review exponent laws I & II

1.  Exam Day

1.   Introduction to Polynomials.

1.  Flex Friday


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