Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 8: Physics Projectile Motion and Exam Prep

This week we are: completing lessons 17&18 and preparing for our unit exam
I will: calculate unknown values for horizontal projectile motion
I willcalculate unknown values for 2D projectile motion
I will: prepare for my unit exam
I cancalculate horizontal projectile questions involving acceleration in one plane with a uniform velocity.
I cancalculate 1D components from a 2D projectile question and evaluate involving acceleration in one plane with a uniform velocity
I can: demonstrate my knowledge of all material for the unit 1 exam

1.  Provide an example of horizontal projectile motion.
2.  Work on the horizontal projectile motion questions.
3.  Pringle Canon Experiment Pt.I

1.  Talk about pringle canon lab.
2.  Go over horizontal projectile motion, check for questions and provide key.
3.  Lesson 18.  Angled projectile motion
4.  Work on angled projectile motion questions.

1.  Formative assessment on horizontal projectile motion.
2.  Go over any issues or concerns.
     2nd Class
3.  Handout Extra Practice for projectile motion.
4.  Work on questions in student gathering area, work with students who need remediation.

1.  Formative Assessment on angled projectile motion
2.  Unit Exam Review
3. Pringle Canon Experiment Pt.II (too busy in tutorial)


1. Unit Exam Review
2. Pringle Canon Data Analysis (NA)
3. Student Form./Sum. Reports


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