Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 6: Physics Vector Addition 1D/2D and Relative Motion

This week we are: completing lessons 13-16 and expanding our vector work into 2D vectors and component calculations
I will: draw both 1D and 2D vector diagrams following the 3 rules
I will: calculate vector components and combine vector components
I will: combine complex 2D vectors into a single vector
I candraw 1D and 2D vector diagrams and use the information for calculations.
I cancalculate resultant vectors from 1D or 2D components
I can: provide resultant vectors based on different points of reference.

1.  Lesson 13 & 14
2.  Go over the notes and provide examples for both 1D and 2D vectors
3.  Introduce both Cartesian and Navigator directions.
4.  Describe common errors associated with these calculations.
5.  Assign practice work and allow students to work on these problems.

1. Lesson 15 Go over a hard example of 2D vector addition
2. Provide students with the 4 worksheet differentiated questions.
3. Assign practice work and allow students to work on these problems.
(Gr. 12 Students gone today.)

1.  Check for questions from Mondays HW and classwork.
2.  Let students work on 4 worksheet set.
3.  Learning Log reviews today.
4.  Formative Assessment on Lessons 13&14.
5.  Lesson 16.  Relative Motion

1.  Check for questions from Wednesdays HW and classwork.
2.  Introduce Lesson 17.  Projectile Motion.
3.  Assign practice work and allow students to work on these problems.


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