Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 7: Physics Vector Addition 2D and Projectile Motion

This week we are: completing lessons 17&18 and preparing for our unit exam
I willcombine complex 2D vectors into a single vector
I will: calculate unknown values for horizontal projectile motion
I willcalculate unknown values for 2D projectile motion
I cancomplete complex 2D vector problems
I cancalculate horizontal projectile questions involving acceleration in one plane with a uniform velocity.
I cancalculate 1D components from a 2D projectile question and evaluate involving acceleration in one plane with a uniform velocity

1.  Turkey Day

1.  Formative Assessment on 2D vectors.
2.  Review and issues or confusions on 2D vectors.
3.  Check for completed HW over thanksgiving.  Pringles.

1.  Review Activity for 2D vectors
     2nd Class
2.  Lesson 17.  Horizontal Projectile Motion.  Playground and Camera.
3.  HW on Projectile Motion.

1.  Physics quiz on 2D Vectors.
2.  See Sub Plans


1.  Lab Activity:  Projectile Motion.
2.  Quick Discussion on Lab Activity parts
3.  Construction of Pringles Canons.
4.  If time permitting, introduction discussion on 2D projectile motion.


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