Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 3/4 Viscosity

Today we are:  Experimenting and Learning about Viscosity.
I will: demonstrate my ability follow lab procedures and experiment with viscosity.
I can: follow experimental procedure to determine the viscosity of 3 different liquids
I can: explain the difference between high and low viscous materials.
I can: show where I created this information.

1.  Let's go to the lab and determine the viscosity of motor oil.  See handout on lab activity.

2.  When you are done, make an evernote page with you data from the lab  (include the flow rate and answers to the questions.)

3.  To learn about Viscosity and Flow rate, here is a quick video showing Viscosity.

4.  This is an old B&W video.

5.  What does the saying "slow as molasses in january" really mean?

5.  Mr. I will demo this for you tomorrow.

6.  Make some notes.  They must (1) define visosity, (2) provide an example of something that is very viscous and not very viscous [including labelling] and (create an arrow diagram for viscosity vs. flow rate [one up/one down])


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