Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 7: Science 8 - Solutions and Solubility

This week we are: Completing our understanding of Solutions and introducing Solubility charts.
I will: complete the topic solutions questionnaires.
I can: differentiate between solute and solvent
I can: list 2 different solutions and different states for these solutions
I can: provide 2 methods to speed up the formation of a solution
I can: follow lab procedure to complete the two labs this week.

1.  Turkey... Yum!

1. Review what we did last week.  We had lots of people gone for student council, sports. etc.
     (Supersaturated Solution Lab Activity)
2. Talk to those who haven't done the quiz.  Today or tomorrow during Tutorial.
3.  Lab Demo on Solutions; Solute, Solvent, method 1 to speed up mixture.
4.  Time to complete notes or start, for those who were absent.  

1.  Lab activity.  Hot and Cold Lab. Method 2 to speed up mixture
2.  Add images to lab activity.

1.  Lab Activity.  Making Solutions and Crystals. (Postponed till Monday)
2.  Complete the lab activity sheet and notes 
(10 student are gone to volleyball)


1.  Introduction of Solubility Chart/Table with reference to our Sodium Acetate Lab.
2.  Practice on reading data off solubility chart.
3.  Setup Lab Activity for Monday


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