Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 8: Science 8 - Solutions and Solubility

This week we are: Completing our understanding of Solutions and introducing Solubility charts.
I will: complete the topic solubility curve questionnaires.
I can: differentiate between solute and solvent
I can: list 2 different solutions and different states for these solutions
I can: provide 2 methods to speed up the formation of a solution
I can: follow lab procedure to complete the two labs this week.

1.  Demo Day
2.  Demo burnless fire.  Discuss the relationship between concentrations and physical properties.
3.  Demo exploding paint can.  Discuss the relationship between reaction rates and concentrations.

1.  Introduction of Solubility Chart/Table with reference to our Sodium Acetate Lab.
2.  Practice on reading data off solubility chart.
3.  Complete the solubility curve questionnaire.

1.  Lab activity.  Mixing Milk.
2.  Complete mixing milk activity.

1. Introduction of Viscosity


1.  HW Catch Day.


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