Monday, October 13, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 2 Solutions Questionnaire

Today we are:  demonstrating our knowledge on solutions
I will: complete the solutions questionnaire
I will: complete my hot & cold lab.
I will:  look at my crystals from the lab.
I can: define solute and solvent
I can: complete the solutions questionnaire.

1.  Lets go to the lab and start the crystal lab activity.

2..  Lets watch some videos about a cool solid solution.

- this explains how they make it.
- watch it in action.
- where will we see it next?

3.  Let's now talk about the solution as a class.

4.  Complete the questionnaire.

5,  Catch up on your hot & cold lab.  Make sure to share it back with me.  Did you complete your solutions notes?


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